Key Highlights

  • Exploration & Mining Project

  • Location: La Libertad, Peru

  • ​13,000 hectares in a mineral rich region, approximately 200km from Trujillo, with history of mining activities by the majors

  • NI43–101 complete. (Apex Geoscience)

  • Operational for 5 years - 2,500MTD capacity                               

  • Mine infrastructure already built

  • Processing plant built

Rosario de Belén was explored for nine years between the period of 2002 to 2013. A total of 16,242 surface (soil) samples, 15,831 geochemical (lithologic) samples, and 158 drillholes for an aggregate of 14,121.5 m were undertaken between 2003 and 2012 on the SMRL El Rosario de Belén Mine Group property.

The project comprises primarily stratabound zones of broadly disseminated native gold and gold-bearing pyrite within sandstones and quartzites of the Cretaceous Chimú Formation. Oxidised auriferous and argentiferous iron sulphide minerals (limonite, goethite, etc.) derived from pyrite are also present and occur as disseminations, veins, and components of quartz veins as well as along faults and fractures.

Six (6) discrete zones of open-ended structurally-controlled stratabound sandstone-hosted disseminated silver-gold mineralization exist on the SMRL El Rosario de Belén Mine Group property.  These vary from >200 to >375 m long by 175-270 m wide by 20-100 m thick.  The zones are encompassed by a northerly-trending 2,500 m long X 300-500 m wide gold anomaly which generally ranges from 0.100 to 4.200 ppm Au (100 to 4,200 ppb Au) in soil and rock samples.

The author of the NI43-101 report said: “The potential is excellent for the discovery of multiple additional bodies on the SMRL El Rosario de Belén concessions via integrated detailed geological mapping, geophysics, and rock and soil geochemistry followed by drilling.”

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